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What kinds of digital didactical designs do teachers apply in their iPad- classes in schools?

Jahnke, Isa, Lars Norqvist, and Andreas Olsson. “Designing for iPad-classrooms.” ECSCW 2013 Adjunct Proceedings (2013).

Our study explores Digital Didactics Designs using mobile technology in co- located settings. Classroom observations and qualitative data were collected in a Danish community where 200 teachers and 2,000 students aged 6-16 use iPads in classrooms implemented in 2012. Based on the theoretical framework called Digital Didactics (DD), five patterns of Digital Didactical Designs and following the innovative designs, three key aspects could be explored: The teachers’ digital didactical designs embrace a) new learning goals where more than one correct answer exists, b) focus on learning as a process in informal-in-formal learning spaces, c) making learning visible in different products (e.g., text, comics, podcasts). The study informs system developers for mobile learning applications in schools and teachers as workplace designers.

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