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How can the beliefs of teachers impact the way computer technology enhances learning of reading and writing for preschool students?

Ihmeideh, Fathi (2010) The role of computer technology in teaching reading and writing: preschool teachers’ beliefs and practices,  Journal of Research in Childhood Education, Jan-March, 2010 Source Volume: 24 Source Issue: 1

This study investigated preschool teachers’ beliefs and practices regarding the use of computer technology in teaching reading and writing in Jordan. The researcher developed a questionnaire consisting of two scales–Teachers’ Beliefs Scale (TB Scale) and Teachers’ Practices Scale (TP Scale)–to examine the role of computer technology in teaching reading and writing to preschoolers. A random sample of 154 preschool teachers participated in the study by completing the questionnaire; 12 teachers were later interviewed. Results indicated that the preschool teachers’ beliefs about the use of computer technology were aligned with their perceptions of their teaching practices, although teachers’ beliefs and their perceptions of their practices were fairly moderate. The results also revealed significant differences between kindergartens in favor of public kindergartens, and the training programs in favor of trained teachers, whereas there was no difference due to area of certification. Directions for further research and recommendations for policy and practice are discussed.

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