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Does the Socioeconomic Status of Parents Effect their Views on the Integration of Computers in Preschool Classrooms?

Triantafillia Natsiopoulou, Chrisoula Melissa-Halikiopoulou, Chrysanthi Lioliou (2013) Effects of Family Socioeconomic Status on Parents’ Views Concerning the Integration of Computers into Preschool Classrooms, International   Journal  of   Caring   Sciences  2013   January – April  Vol 6  Issue 1

The upper socioeconomic level parents thought that the use of computers was appropriate for preschool children more than parents of lower socioeconomic status and that its inclusion in the preschool center’s program would work in favor for children who have no computer at home. Parents with higher socioeconomic status felt more than the others that such a program can support the provision of knowledge, the development of mathematical and linguistic skills and entertain children. Furthermore, the upper socioeconomic level parents as opposed to the other group do not consider that the computer will remove preschool educators from their leading and teaching role or reduce their communication with the preschoolers.

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