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How can Google Blogs (Blogger) Promote Interactive Learning Communities in K-6 Language Arts Classes?

Beatty, Mia. “Integrating Google Blogs into the K-6 Language Arts Classroom To Promote Interactive Learning Communities.” (2013).

Bringing literacies into a classroom is not an easy task for a teacher, especially when two-thirds of teachers feel underprepared to use technology in the classroom (Barone & Wright, 2008). This online instructional module was designed to introduce K-6 educators to using Google Blogs (Blogger) in the classroom to promote interactive learning communities. Google Blogs was selected because of its enormous user base, ease of use, free access, and privacy features. Graduate students and educators voluntarily participated in this web-based module by taking pre- and post-assessments, and attitudinal surveys. The module engaged participants using short quizzes, videos, and images. The results indicate that after the module, participants felt more comfortable integrating an online tool such as Google Blogs into their classroom to promote interactive learning communities.

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