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Is there Equity in the Access to Digital Technology?

Mark Warschauer and Tina Matuchniak (2010) New Technology and Digital Worlds: Analyzing Evidence of Equity in Access, Use, and Outcomes, Review of Research in Education 2010; 34; 179

There is a widespread belief that the falling cost of computers and Internet access is rapidly narrowing a digital divide in U.S. society. However, as this review shows, gaps in home access to digital media are still substantial, and inequalities in technology usage and outcomes are even greater. Unfortunately, many of the measures most frequently used for analyzing technology-related access, use, and outcomes are insufficient. Though technology-related access, use, and outcomes are difficult to measure, all available evidence suggests they are critically important factors in shaping social futures. As we rethink how to measure evidence of equitable resources, conditions, and outcomes of student learning, continued close attention to the role of technology in both school and out-of-school environments is urgently needed.

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