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How can Systemic Functional Grammar be used to analyze the meaning of a computer mediated conversation?

Nepomuceno, S. (2004) An Analysis of Interpersonal Meaning in a Computer Mediated Conversation Using the Systemic Functional Grammar Approach, Proceedings of the 9th Conference of Pan-Pacific Association of Applied Linguistics

This study explores the expression of interpersonal meaning in a computer-mediated chat discourse between Japanese and Filipino students in the Cross-Cultural Distance Learning (CCDL) project. Using Systemic Functional Grammar, a transcript of chat dialogue was analyzed through identification of clause mood structures and speech functions. The patterns of the mood structures were investigated, and the use of mood elements, like subject, finite, complement adjuncts, modals, were also explored. Results suggest that Japanese and Filipino students make use of interpersonal grammar uniquely based on the influence of their respective cultural and language.

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