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Does integration of ICT in classrooms depend on teacher motivation?

Guoyuan Sang, Martin Valcke, Johan van Braak, Jo Tondeur & Chang Zhu (2011) Predicting ICT integration into classroom teaching in Chinese primary schools: exploring the complex interplay of teacher-related variables, Journal of Computer Assisted Learning (2011) Volume: 27, Issue: 2, Publisher: Blackwell Publishing Ltd, Pages: 160-172

Available research has explored a wide variety of factors influencing information and communication technologies (ICT) adoption and integration in classroom teaching; however, existing research seldom centre on the combined impact of these variables.  The present study centres on the complex interplay of a number of internal teacher variables to explain ICT classroom integration. These variables comprise teachers constructivist teaching beliefs, teacher attitudes towards computers in education, teachers computer motivation, teacher perception of ICT-related policy. A survey was set up, involving 820 Chinese primary school teachers. Path modeling was used to explore the direct and indirect effects of the teacher-related variables on their level of ICT classroom integration. Firstly, two distinctive types of ICT use can be distinguished in the Chinese context: (a) teacher supportive use of ICT that refers to the use of ICT for e.g. student adminis- tration, preparingworksheets, developing evaluation activities; and (b) classroom use of ICT to support and enhance the actual teaching and learning process. The results show that classroom use of ICT directly depends on teachers computer motivation and the supportive use of ICT. Teachers constructivist beliefs, their attitudes towards computers in education and perceptions about the ICT-related school policy influence ICT integration in an indirect way. The results demonstrate how the complex interplay between teacher-related variables and ICT integration in the classroom is partly in line with findings in non-Asian contexts. A number of differences can be explained by the particular Chinese context. In particular an indirect relationship was found between teachers constructivist beliefs and their level of ICT integration.

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