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What is the Value of Green IT?

Murray Scott, Robert Watson (2012) The Value of Green IT: a Theoretical Framework and Exploratory Assessment of Cloud Computing, 25th Bled eConference eDependability: Reliable and Trustworthy eStructures, eProcesses, eOperations and eServices for the Future, June 17, 2012 – June 20, 2012; Bled, Slovenia

This paper contributes to the area of Cloud computing and Green IT research through the development of a framework that measures the value of Green IT. The framework expands on the work of Corbett (2010) and is developed as a result of a comprehensive literature review of both seminal works in the IT value field and also the most recent studies in Green IT. This paper demonstrates the efficacy of the value framework by reporting from a series of case studies involving Cloud computing. Using exploratory case studies, this study highlights the utility of the model and its applicability to multiple contexts. Although the framework can be applied in multiple settings, the findings highlight a number of areas that are prominent in SMEs and those in need of further attention.

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