Using the power of research to inform ICT integration in education

Diana van Walsum (2012) Learning with and through technology in primary school: Creating a movie of my own hero’s quest myth, Centre for Information Technology in Education, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong

A lesson plan incorporating a sequence of technology-supported activities was developed to enable primary school students aged ten to eleven to learn how to create a narrative based on narrative conventions as part of their literacy curriculum. Links to web- based learning tools and descriptions of related learning strategies were included for each activity. Use of technology was planned with the goal of enhancing the quality of student learning, in particular the stimulation of higher-level thinking skills. The use of technology in each activity is justified based on relevant learning theories and key literature, in particular the theory of collaborative knowledge building. Strategies for evaluation of the successful integration of technology in the activities are proposed.

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Comments on: "How can students learn with and through technology in primary school?" (2)

  1. Thanks for such a detailed report. I really appreciate the links to the technology resources. Kidspiration/Inspiration and other mind-mapping tools are under-utilised in school. I used to work in the area of assistive technology, and we found those tools particularly useful for students with learning difficulties when it came to organising yeas and scaffolding them through writing activities and projects. I’ve recently found a few for the iPad but haven’t found quite the same supportive features as in Inspiration.

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