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What are the strengths of digital library education programs?

Elena Macevičiūte (2011) Education for digital libraries: library management perspective, Swedish School of Library and Information Science (SSLIS), University of Borås

The paper examines three Master’s programmes in digital libraries: Digital Library Learning (Oslo University College, Tallinn University, and University of Parma), Digital Library and Information Services, and Digital services – culture, information and communication (Swedish School of Library and Information Science). The author uses her direct experience of developing one of the programmes, collaborating with another and evaluating the third, for comparison of their conceptual basis, goals, curricula, students admission and study process, teachers experience, and several aspects of the students’ satisfaction. The author concludes that all three programmes build their programmes on the notion of change management, either through innovation, organizational change or project implementation. This perspective cultivated in library management for several decades since introduction of computer technology into libraries unites all three programmes on the common foundation of library management.

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