Using the power of research to inform ICT integration in education

Jayme Waddington (2011) Social Networking: The Unharnessed Educational Tool, Undergraduate Research Journal at UCCS Volume 4.1, May 2011

How can teenagers of today become model digital citizens of tomorrow? In order to ensure that students are modeling safe and healthy online behaviors they must be taught what those behaviors are. Teachers, along with parents, are charged with educating youth and providing them with the skills that are necessary to prosper in the world. Society cannot expect teens to know what to do online and act appropriately without guidance; just as we teach our children what is right and wrong in the “real” world, the same needs to be done in the “virtual” world. While instructing students on how to keep their profiles secure and warning them of the dangers on the internet, educators are providing the first step towards successful digital citizenship. Schools have the opportunity to not only educate and teach students safe digital media usage but also incorporate digital media into everyday classroom experiences.

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