Using the power of research to inform ICT integration in education

Albirini, A. (2007). The Crisis of Educational Technology, and the Prospect of Reinventing Education. Educational Technology & Society10(1), 227-236.

With the fading monopoly of the industrial mode of production and the emergence of the “information revolution, ” modern technology has pervaded almost every aspect of human life. In education, however, information technology has yet to find a place, despite the unceasing attempts to “fit ” it into the existing educational system. The paper argues that the industrial mode of production was successful in inventing “education ” as a new paradigm, institutionalizing it in schools, and implementing it through a number of tools, such as “certified ” teachers, curricula, and textbooks. By contrast, the information mode of production has created the tools, namely “educational technology, ” before developing a corresponding paradigm or institution. This crisis of educational technology is therefore a corollary of its misplacement, and subsequent malfunction, in the still-in-use industrial paradigm and institution (education and school). The paper suggests that, in order to ensure a proper functionality of modern technology, we need to resolve this theoretical inadequacy. A possible solution would be to thoroughly restructure “education ” and schools, as remnants of the industrial age, into a new paradigm and institution.

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